For more than 16 years, I have worked in Client Services, Business Strategy, Corporate Communications and Digital Marketing roles in the marketing and advertising industry.

I started my career managing tactical initiatives for national retail clients in several industries including grocery, natural foods, jewelry, pet supplies, and sporting goods. After proving my strengths on the tactical side, I took on a more strategic role in a newly established Business Strategy department where I worked with company Executives to determine growth areas for the company and to develop a multi-year action plan.Becky Pearce

In the last 10 years my career has taken a slight shift to focus more on social business both from an internal perspective to connect with employees, as well as outwardly to connect with the customers. This has included putting communications tools in place including town hall style meetings, social media, community service activities, and newsletters, as well as the launch of an internal online community that provided a platform for employees to connect with each other, share their knowledge and engage more with the company.

Most recently I have worked as a freelancer and consultant handling social media and digital marketing for small businesses.

– Marketing planning and execution
– Social media planning and execution
– Day-to-day social media management
– Landing pages for lead marketing
– Project management
– Paid advertising
– Content planning and management (websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.)
– Management of websites (redesign and ongoing maintenance)
– Corporate communications
– Email marketing

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