Online Marketing and Social Media Management for Small Business

With more than 15 years experience in marketing and account management, Becky is perfectly suited to help small and local businesses launch and manage their online presence.

Strengthen your online brand. Boost your business.

A strong website. Engaging social media. Content that gets attention. Email that drives clicks. All add up to a complete online brand that creates customer connections and bolsters your business.

What Clients Have to Say

  • I had a social media presence before I was introduced to Becky, but she has helped me focus my image, my message, and has constructed a long-term strategy that is already paying dividends. I am seeing an increase in the total numbers and quality of interactions on Linked In, Facebook, and the company's web page. Her relationship management skills are outstanding. I appreciate her attention to detail, timely follow up and the excellent value she brings to my executive search consultancy, JohnGSelf Associates, and my national speaking business. She is a valued and trusted colleague and, as a contractor, a very important member of the JGSA team.

    John G. Self JohnGSelf Partners, Inc.
  • Becky has been my company's social media consultant for almost three years now. Becky has been an incredible asset to helping our company's name stand out in social media and have much more of a presence. When my company decided to re-brand, an exciting but laborious task, Becky was right there to help revamp our logo, design new advertisement flyers, new gift certificates, exciting club signs, and voice our change in such a great light via Facebook, Yelp, etc. Becky helped us not only focus our image and our message, but also voice that to our audience. She is always quick to respond to any questions I have throughout the day and always has a great attitude. I highly recommend Becky to any employer.

    Danielle G. Results Fitness, Wellness Director / Registered Dietitian / CPT

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